Roundbrushing Tips

Many people struggle with blowdrying their own hair with a roundbrush.  We want to offer you a couple tips to help maximize your time and effort.  Did you know that the direction and angle at which you hold your blowdryer can greatly decrease frizz and give maximum shine? If you hold your blowdryer slightly behind your roundbrush and direct the airflow right at the downward fall of your hair section you will get maximum shine and smoothness from your blowdrying and roundbrushing.

Blowdry Technique

We recommend using a high quality round brush and a medium heat setting on your dryer for best results.  Ask your stylist for more details on which brushes would be best for your hair.  Usualy a 100% boar bristle brush will offer the most polish for your hairs cuticle, but sometime people prefer a brush with some synthetic bristles as well to get better tension.


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