Color Melting is one of the hottest trends right now and we are ABSOLUTLELY in love with it too! 

Color melting is achieved using any of several different methods from foils, free hand work, balayage techniques, and more.  We love it because it is such a great way to add flares of color whether those be bold flares, or soft highlights.  It helps to accent the face and layers in the hair.  One of the best parts about this technique is the maintenance is SUPER LOW!  So you get fabulous haircolor with less trips to the salon which equals more money in your pocket! 

We love this look and our clients do too!  Above are some “famous folk” that are rockin some color melting – and below are pics (and we will keep adding more) of  our own clients who are rockin the color melting too! 

Want to get this look for yourself?  Just call to make an appt – 801-272-4455!

This is Melanie and her melted highlights are more on the subtle side but they add such a cool effect to her cut and color!  (this pic was taken with a phone – so it doesn’t show off the color as well as in real life – but you can still see how georgeous it is!)


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