Gelish/Shellac Nails

We are so excited to be one of the few salons and spas in Salt Lake City, Utah to offer the latest service for fantastic looking nails!  The Shellac or Gelish nails are incredible!  They are a hybrid between a regular polish and a gel nail. 

These gels apply like polish,  but are cured in a lamp like gel nails. The gels come in an array of colors, and cure in just two minutes under a UV lamp. Gelish stays on nails for three weeks with no chipping or peeling, and soak completely off in only 15 minutes.  Yes, this means no harsh drilling and only minimal filing when you are ready to remove them or change your color.  You can also have a simple “fill” too.

Below you can see a selection of the Gelish shades.  There are 24 colors right now and 24 more shades being released in early 2011.  Add this awesome service to your next manicure or pedicure for gorgeous nails that last for weeks! 


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