What Causes Cellulite?

Body Contouring Wrap

With our Body Contouring Wrap System you will dramatically diminish cellulite and lose unwanted inches in the process.  First of all let’s talk about what cellulite is and what causes it.

WHAT IS CELLULITE?  Cellulite is a toxic body condition that can best be described as a condition of uneven deposits of fat, water, and wastes that have become trapped in connective tissues of the body just below the skin’s surface.  According to experts, cellulite generally accumulates in areas with poor circulation, and as a result, the toxins and waste materials get more clogged and harder to remove. 

HOW DO I GET RID OF CELLULITE? In order to permanently eliminate cellutlite you must start at the source and detoxify internally while at the same time encouraging circulation to allow your body to flush out the toxins that cause cellulite.  The best way to do this is to use our at-home detoxification system in combination with our Body Contouring Wraps.  The at-home system provides you with the proper supplements that will aid in the internal cleansing and detoxification of your tissues helping them to eliminate cellulite causing wastes.  These supplements also make the body wraps many times more effective.  The at-home system also includes an exfoliant, and specially formulated lotions to apply to cellulite-prone areas to help stimulate further circulation and continue the contouring process on a daily basis. 

BODY CONTOURING WRAPS.  The body wraps are the key.  They take about an hour and stimulate circulation throughout the body helping it eliminate unwanted toxins and wastes your body may not otherwise be able to get rid of.  The wraps are very comfortable and not restrictive.  We don’t wrap you as tight as mummy – that would defeat the purpose of encouraging circulation.  Most of our clients see a dramatic inch loss during their treatment.  The system guarantees an inch loss of anywhere from 4-14 inches with your first treatment and up to an entire pant size after 5 treatments.  The inch loss is permanent as you don’t lose just your “water”.  You actually lose the extra fluid wastes your body doesn’t need but isn’t sure how to get rid of them. 

FOR BEST RESULTS it is recommended to use the at-home detoxification system along with 3 to 6 body wraps.  There should be 4 to 7 days between each wrap.  The inch loss is permanent, however if you go back to bad eating habits and not exercising, the inches will return.  Eating the right food, proper exercise, and drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day are always recommended. 

If you have additional questions please feel free to call us at 801.272.4455 or email us at info@evolvesalonanddayspa.com.  We have package pricing available for this system.  Please see the services section of our website for details www.evolvesalonanddayspa.com.


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