Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a great alternative to achieving the look you want instantly without damaging your hair. You can lengthen, thicken, or add fun fashion colors to your hair in just one sitting! Also, if you have incredibly dark hair and have a hard time getting the bright highlights you want, this could be your solution.  We also have many clients who just put some extensions on the side panels of their head (near their ears) to thicken up that spot that so often isn’t as thick as the back of their head.  It’s a great option!!
Before Extensions Front View

Alisa before we started putting in her new FULL HEAD of gorgeous extensions!

Before Extensions Back View

Alisa before we started putting in her new FULL HEAD of gorgeous extensions!

Alisa After - Front View

Her new LONG, GORGEOUS hair looks totally HOT!Her extensions look so thick and blend so well!Her extensions look so thick and blend so well!


How do you put the extensions in?
We offer a variety of different methods to best fit our clients needs and hair condition.  The method that best works for you, as well as color matching is determined in the FREE consultation we offer.
Is the hair real human hair?
We use only the finest of human hair imported from around the world. There are 35 colors ranging from palest blonde to black. So we are able to choose colors that will exactly match your hair.  There are also many fashion colors that are a great alternative to adding extremely vibrant colors to your hair that won’t fade as quickly and won’t damage your hair.
How long do they last?
That depends on how well you take care of them. That can be anywhere between 3 – 8 months.
How much do they cost?
The total cost is determined during your consultation. We charge $6 per strand and depending on your end goal, this will determine how many strands need to be used. For example, fashion flare colors are usually only 3-15 strands. A full head of extensions to achieve length and thickness will normally take anywhere from 150-200 strands depending on your desired length and thickness. But again, this can be determined during your consultation as different types of extensions cost less and some cost more.
Is it damaging to my hair?
We do the extensions in a way that is not damaging to your hair if taken care of properly. We will show you the different ways to take care of them at home so that your hair can remain damage free.
What if I want them taken out?
Removing extensions is simple. There is a cost of $60/hr to remove them. This includes removal of extensions, brush-out, shampoo and conditioning treatment, and style.
Extensions are great and during your FREE consultation we can help you determine how to help you achieve the look and feel you want.
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 Rhianna Before BackRhianna Before FrontRhianna After FrontRhianna After Back