GEL NAILS – What you want to know!

Gel nails are applied/sculpted with a brush for natural and precise results.

Gel nails are applied/sculpted with a brush for natural and precise results.

Gel nails are a form of artificial nail application. Gel can be applied directly to the nail bed or used with a nail tip to extend the length of the nail. Once the gel is applied to the nail, it is then cured under a special UV light to harden the gel. When using tips to extend nail length, the tip is glued to the nail, then the gel is applied over the nail and cured. Without a tip, the gel is applied directly to the nail and cured. This method is great for strengthening your natural nail, while allowing your nails to grow. Both gel nails and acrylic nails have their advantages.  Both gel and acrylic can be used with or without a nail tip for added length. Both need to be filled every 2-3 weeks or so. Opinions on which is stronger differ from person to person. One advantage of gel applications is that they are odorless whereas the acrylic smell can be overwhelming for some. Gel nails also look very, very natural, with or without an added tip. And can be worn with or without nail polish.  As with all artificial nails, gel especially should be applied by a mastered professional. If gel is not cured correctly and if the gel is not applied thin enough between coats, problems can arise. Our Nail Tech Maren actually specializes in Gel Nails and has quite the reputation in the valley for her amazing work!  She offers a simply overlay on your natural nail with or without a french tip, or you can have length added for extra “wow” with a standard french tip or add a color, some glitter, or even an embellishment or two!  She is simply amazing!!


***This is the part where we get super scientific for those of you out there who like to hear/know the A to Z’s in details about your products & services!*** Acrylics, nail gels and other nail products adhere to the nail plate by means of “mechanical adhesion”. This form of adhesion is outdated and very damaging to the natural nail. By “etching” the natural nail with acids, a file, or a drill, layers are removed and filed right off the nail plate. The purpose of etching is to make a Swiss Cheese effect out of the nail plate, so as the acrylic dries, it adheres to the holes and divots that were etched onto the nail plate. This form of adhesion can be EXTREMELY damaging to the natural nail. Adding primers chemically etched the natural nail this causes a thinned and chemically corroded nail plate. It take months to grow a healthy nail back after they have been damaged.  I’m sure some of you have experienced this horrible effect of uneducated nail technicians and cheap products.

Make sure you feel confident in your nail technician and the products being used on you.  We know our stuff here at Evolve and use only the highest quality products and the most delicate techniques.  We are happy to answer any questions you might have.  Keep in mind, due to the popularity of our nail services, we usually book out about 2 weeks in advance so try to plan ahead if you can!

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Glitter Toes Are HERE!!

WAHOO!! Glitter toes are the hottest new thing for sandal season, and like it or not, summer is fast approaching! Get your toes looking fabulous – and the Feet 011best part – it lasts for up to 6 weeks! I can barely get my polish to last 3 or 4 days. Glitter toes stay gorgeous and shiny without chipping or cracking. These are real eye-catchers and the maintainence is SUPER easy. Just as they grow out, file any rough spots you might feel and then every 6-8 weeks (depending on how fast your nails grow) come in for a little touch-up. As one of Utah’s top salons offering glitter toes, we pride ourselves on doing a fantastic job!

Glitter toes are a version of a gel nail/overlay that protects your nail. No damage like with acrylic toes. No chemicals acutally touch your natural nail – and gels are not acid based so there really isn’t a harsh scent or chemical smell at all. You will LOVE LOVE LOVE these nails! I have never had sooo many comments on how great my toes look – and it’s not even sandal season yet!!

This is a fantastic alternative to acrylic and lasts FAR LONGER than a regular polish with a brightness and gloss that is incredible! It’s kind of like an indestructable pedicure.

A full set is only $25 and it takes about 30-40 mins.

Add glitter toes to a pedicure and pay only $18.00 for a full set.