Hair color: What’s the Difference??

Did you know that there are different KINDS of haircolor?  We aren’t talking about different brands.  Did you know you can actually get different results from particular types of haircolor?  We want to help you get the effect you REALLY want without putting your hair through more than necessary.  So let’s break it down and get to the “root” of what color technology can offer you!

 brunette-hair-color-with-auburn-highlights   Permanent Color:

   Permanent hair color permanently changes the natural pigment of your        hair. It contains ammonia, or other similar ingredients, to allow the color      molecules to penetrate into the hair cuticle and deposit permanent color        inside the hair. Because it is a stronger formula, permanent color provides    the best gray coverage and also has the ability to lighten natural hair          color.  Permanent hair color will also last the longest as far as richness or    vibrancy as long as you are using professional color protecting products.  In a nutshell, permanent hair color will get you the best gray coverage and the color will last the longest.


Demi-Permanent Color:

Demi-Permanent: Demi-Permanent hair color deposits color pigment onto the hair cuticle without penetrating it. Essentially Demi-Permanent color stains the outside of the hair cuticle. This means that demi-permanent color can darken your hair color or change the tonality (adding a red hue for example), but the absence of ammonia makes it unable to lighten the hair. In addition, it won’t be able to completely cover gray hair, although it will blend grays away at about 75-80% coverage.  Demi-Permanent haircolor can be great for those looking to vary their hair color without drying or without too much commitment.  Demi-Permanent hair color will fade more over time in comparison to permanent. For some people this is not ideal, but for others who like a lower maintenance hair color that generally won’t leave a line of demarcation (grow-out line) then this type of color is a great option!  It’s also a less damaging option for those who like to add just a bit of shine and a hint of color to help bring a little life back into their locks without the commitment of a permanent change.

Hopefully this information has helped you to understand the difference between the two main kinds of hair color to make sure you are getting the results you want, while maintaining the integrity of your hair! Have more questions?  Let us know!!