Your Best Bridal Hair

When it comes to choosing a hairstyle for your wedding, there are few tried and true rules. The one rule to follow, is to first and foremost select a hairstyle that reflects your personality. If you typically wear your hair in a casual ponytail or bun, your wedding is probably not the best time to try a formal, coiffed hairdo; by the same token, if your hair is always perfectly arranged, you should avoid a loose, casual style.  Keep in mind your hair style should complement your dress – not compete with it.  If you have an intricate neckline, wear your hair up to show it off!  If you have a strapless dress, it’s okay to dramatize it with your hair up – or if you want to have your lovely locks dangling down over your bare shoulders – that’s okay too!  Mostly find a hairstyle that complements the style of your dress which most likely is in alignment with your personality.  Bohemian dress – choose a loose romantic style.  Big ball gown – choose a more dramatic upswept style.  Sheath or mermaid cut dress – choose something sleek and sculpted.


The first step in deciding on a wedding hairstyle is finding the right stylist.  Start looking for a stylist about 4-6 months BEFORE your wedding date.  Many good stylists can be booked out that far and you want to make sure your stylist of choice will be available on your special day!  Your wedding day is a big day, a very special occasion and of course you want to be showstopper!! But consider your comfort zone, what truly suits you and will make you feel comfortable and stunning all at the same time.  The right stylist will be someone who is open to your ideas and understands your personal style.


We highly recommend gathering pictures from magazines, Pinterest, or anywhere on the internet and scheduling an initial consultation with your stylist of choice.  It’s during this consultation appointment your stylist can help you determine what your hair can and can’t do.  Some elaborate styles might require some “assistance” from a set of clip-in extensions.  Maybe your hair is too thick to pull completely up.  There are some limitations at times and an initial consultation appointment will help both of you determine the best direction to go – and of course bring a picture of your dress to show your stylist!!


After your consultation, setup a practice run at least two weeks before your bridal photos, or if you are not doing bridal photos, set an appointment at least two weeks out from your wedding day.  A practice run will put all the ideas into action and you can make adjustments as needed without “game day” pressures.  It’s also a great time to go home and put your dress on to see the whole ensemble come together!  Have a friend or family member take pictures of your hair/head from all angles to ensure everything looks how you want it for your photos (although a stellar stylist will have ensured all angles are looking just perfect).


After that – it’s all on track and you will be ready to go for your big day!